Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday Fun

We had a great day together today!  I finally finished the dress I have been working on for Livi just in time for her to wear it to the wedding we went to.  She had so much fun!  My child loves to be outside!  On another note, I have a wonderful family and love every second I get to spend with them.  I really wish I could somehow stream live footage on here, because Liv and Ryan are dancing to Pearl Jam and it is hilarious!!!!  Livi is doing some wierd hippie dance, and Ryan is doing. . . I don't know.  Some wierd Ryan dance.  So. Freaking. Funny!!!!

She refuses to just smile and take one pic!

I actually caught her smiling!

Love her!  Love her!  Love her!

She was laying the flower down and telling it "night, night".

Making a new friend.

Giving the flower a kiss.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Coming Soon

Easter pics will be coming soon.  My camera died, of course, so I had to use my mom's.  As soon as I get them I will post.  She was soooo cute finding eggs!


Happy birthday to me!!!  I finally got a new sewing machine!  It was delivered a day early, and I got put on call the same day.  It was fate!  Anyway, as soon as the doorbell rang yesterday my project began.  Here it is!!!
The cutest model ever!

Yes, she is rubbing desitin on her face.
Anything to get her to take a picture!