Sunday, January 30, 2011

Operation OYS!

OK.  So I am thinking if I put this out there for everyone to see I will actually do it.  Some sort of accountability is necessary here.  I am going to attempt to organize my life!  What is OYS you ask?  Organize your shit!  I am thinking 1 area a month, because lets be honest it takes me a while to figure things out.  This is going to be an adventure that I will not enjoy very much, but it has to be done.  The problem is I need a much bigger house.  Unfortunately, that is not going to happen anytime soon.  You see, in Shae world everything has it's own space.  In reality world this isn't possible.  sigh.  stomp.  lots of bad words.  I need a toy room, a guest room, and a sewing room.  That is what I would have in Shae world anyway.  Instead, I am stuck with 1 room for all of this.  AHHHHHH!  For days I have been trying to figure out a way to fix this problem.  I mean just think about it.  My poor fabric sitting around wanting to be made into something looking at a bunch of toys that do all kinds of things!  Sad day.  And our friends have lived through the torcher of sleeping in a room filled with crap way too many times.  Because of this horrible situation, I have decided to make a toy closet.  Honestly I live in a toy house, but maybe some of it can be contained in the closet in our foyer.  I am sure there is a purpose for that closet in most households, but in our house it is a crap closet.  A place for things with no place.  I don't even know what is in there!  So for January, even though it is basically over, I am going to organize a toy closet.  I will post before and after pics when it is complete.  Cross your fingers and do a silly dance!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Arrival of Baby Max

After a long 18+ hours, Maxwell Conrad Stempel made his entrance into this world on Sept. 9th at 11:34 p.m.!  Weighing in at 9lbs 4oz, baby Max was instantly loved by everyone who saw him.  I was very lucky to be able to be a part of such a special day.  Being involved in the birth of someone you love is an experience that can not be described in words.  Thank you Katie and Eric for letting me be a part of your special day.  Baby Max is a handsome little chunk of love, and he is lucky to have such loving parents.

Argggg you Ready to Party?

Livi's 2nd birthday was a wonderful event!  She loved being a pink pirate, and we loved watching her steal as many cupcakes as she could get her hands on!  Thanks to everyone who came to share this special day with her.  She is a very lucky little pirate to have such amazing family and friends.  Thanks, thanks, thanks so much to Jill, Jenny, and Katie for helping me make this day possible!  Building pirate ships, painting signs, and making candy displays is hard work!  Thanks also, to Kaylie Patrick for taking amazing photos so that we will always remember this fabulous day!  Here are a few highlights of the day. 

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fun with Cardboard!

We have lived in our house for over a year now, and I have basically done nothing to make it cute.  I blame this on my crazy toddler to make myself feel better!  From time to time I decide that I should really do something in here, but then crazy toddler takes over and I do nothing.  Well, yesterday was one of those days and I actually did something!  I didn't want to go out and spend a bunch of money so I had to get creative.  I gathered up some supplies and got busy.  I decided that mod podge was the easiest thing to do, but I had to find something to mod podge.  This is when I discovered that cardboard is amazing!!!

The first thing I did was cut 3 squares of cardboard and cover them with scrapbook paper.  I then covered a coffee can with matching paper to make a cute utensil holder.  I set it all out and voila!

I was so excited about my basically free decor, and I decided that I needed more.  So....I found a cardboard box, cut off the lid, wrapped it with jute, and came up with this!

Fabulous, right?  I so can't wait for naptime, because I must make something else!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Family Vacay

We had a nice little family vacay at the end of July.  Liv had the best time.  It was beautiful the entire trip, and my pale little tot even got a tan line!!!  Here are some pics of the trip.

Fun in the sun.


Turns her head every time she sees a camera!

Golf pro

Trying to bribe her to take a pic with yummies.

Playing with daddy.

Looking for pirates.

Yummy! I Cream!

The shirt says it all.

Playing in the sand.

Yes, that is an entire egg in her mouth.

Is it real?

Trying really hard to get a photo of all 3 of us!

We didn't want to go home!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


DISCLAIMER:  This is funny.  I exagerated a little on the bad things I wanted to happen to this guy (except for the the flat tire part).  Ryan got all daddy-like on me and said it was mean. 

Hello, my name is Shae, and I have a road rage problem. No, I'm serious. It is severe. I have always known that I get a little madder than most people, but today I realized I need help!

So, there I was driving along minding my own business. I needed to get into the turning lane to get onto the interstate. At this particular intersection there were two turning lanes and you had to merge into one to get on I-65. The inside lane was completely full so I had to get into the lane that merges (I probably would have done this anyway because it moves quicker, but that isn't the point!). When we started moving, the car in front of me merged over. I was going to merge over behind the car that the car in front of me got in front of. I put my blinker on and started to move over. The truck that I was going to get in front of sped up so that I couldn't get in!!!! This A-hole got closer and closer every time I tried to get over! Well, this set off that little trigger in my head. I was furious!!!! Of course I sped up and got over in front of the car ahead of him. There was no way in hell I was getting behind him! I wanted desperately for him to need to get over somewhere so that I could slow down or speed up to prevent it. I also desperately wanted to pull him over and beat the crap out of him. Unfortunately, neither of these happened.

Eventually he turned off, but that didn't stop my hatred for this man. I wished the whole way home for bad things to happen to this dude! Just minor things. You know, like maybe his car would break down. . . he would get a flat tire. . . his wife would cheat on him. . . . he would lose his job. That is reasonable right? I mean he did try to prevent me from getting over when I wanted to. Then it hit me. This is not normal!!!

So, I decided I need help.  If anyone wants to start up a meeting count me in. The first step is admitting you have a problem, right? Well people, I HAVE A PROBLEM!!!!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Play Date

We recently had a mommy and with a friend and her son.  My friend Becky invited us over to playdate and we had a blast!  Becky's son Michael is the cutest little thing, and he and Liv were so sweet together!  I am totally jealous of his awesome little baby tan.  Thanks, Becky!  Can't wait to do it again!

I picked you a flower!

Watch it chick!  I'll teach you not to accept my flower!

What?  You think I'm gonna fall for the old passy trick?

Ok, lets try this again.  No passy!

That's it!  But, you're supposed to hug me back!

Forget it!  Why do boys always have to have it their way?